Mornings in Colorado


Since moving to Colorado, something I’m really loving is getting to explore the mountain trails on bike. This morning I arrived at the trailhead just before 6am. The air was still and the temperature around 57° F. Perfect, really.

Getting into the outdoors always refreshes me. It gets my eyes focused on objects further away than my iPhone or Macs. And I usually have a new spark of creativity that is ready to be unleashed.

This morning was no different.

After eight miles, 1,400 feet in elevation change, tree roots, rocks, losing my balance on many of the more “technical” trail sections, seeing a deer cross the path, meeting other bikers, plus experiencing all of those amazing vistas during “golden hour”…

I was wide awake.

And with scenery like this… who really needs coffee?

From the top of Horsetooth Mountain a couple of days before my morning ride:

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