Meet the Team

Our Mission:

To boost your brand's presence with powerful, buzz-worthy digital media, while providing you with the hands-on personal touch you deserve.

Our Story:

In the Fall of 2005, an energetic weekend brainstorm session took place at a friend's home in Kansas City. For three days the conversation revolved around digital media, web, and how to help people use these tools to become more viable. Founder, Chad Cox, was ready to rebrand his former production company into something… more. Driving away from that weekend he had caught the vision for a digital agency centered around Branding & Website Development. Today, he and the Buzz Rocket Media team are busy designing unique brand experiences through Websites, Online Businesses, Mobile Apps, and Social Playgrounds.

Chad Cox » Creative Director  |  Owner

Chad Cox brings more than 17 years of entrepreneurial experience balanced with a personal conviction of serving and impacting people in meaningful ways. He has had the privilege of working with organizations in a variety of industries (Automotive, Churches/Ministries, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food, Hospitality, Publishing, Non-Profits, and Technology, to name a few). In recent years, he and his team have built brands that have gone on to achieve more than $100 million in revenue.


I live in : Fort Collins, Colorado I get excited about : Helping clients solve their business problems with great design & brand-building messaging; Running, hiking, and biking on the trails in & around the Rocky Mountains; Writing & recording music; Road trips!!! Download Chad's Portfolio+Bio (PDF) BuzzRocket Blog As featured in Entrepreneur®

James Arrington » Art Director  |  Graphic Designer

James has worked as an Art Director for the last seven years, previously working as an advertising and marketing communications specialist, brand manager, illustrator, and graphic designer. He specializes in static design featured in both print and digital media. More than just an artist, James is determined that the right message be communicated effectively to a designated target market.


I live in : American Fork, Utah I get excited about : [At work] Helping clients create a consistent look and feel across their entire Brandscape and then watching it really work for them. [At home] Reading, coaching soccer, playing racket ball, building stuff, walks with the family, anything competitive, meaningful conversations... I'm all about good communication.

Charlie Strickler » Frontend Developer  |  Search Marketing Expert

Charlie is our front-end developer and search marketing expert. He enjoys building sites that are easy to use for admins and users and easy to find on Google. He hates slow loading sites, navigation buttons that don't go anywhere, and out dated website content.


I live in : Havertown, PA; Go Phillies! I get excited about : Projects near completion; Philly sports; Iced coffee; tator tots, and pick up basketball.

Jeremy Green » Frontend Developer  |  WordPress Expert

Jeremy started building websites back in 1999. Today he enjoys staying on top of the latest techniques in web design and implementing them into every website he builds. He spends most of his time pushing the boundaries of what is possible with WordPress. Jeremy also organizes the Fort Collins WordPress meetup and has spoken at multiple WordCamps.


I live in : Fort Collins, Colorado; Gotta have my mountains! I get excited about : CSS Preprocessors, mountain biking, web design podcasts, roasting coffee

Ryan Martell » Applications Developer  |  Expert Sailer

Ryan's resumé includes the development of 4 commercially successful video games (ever heard of Halo? Or Myth: The Fallen Lords?), mobile & iOS apps, Video On Demand applications, and social playgrounds. Bottom line: When Ryan hammers out solid code, sparks fly, and cool things start to happen.


I live in : A sailboat; Usually parked somewhere between the East Coast of the USA and the Caribbean. I get excited about : Ground-breaking projects, and sailing Valkyrie around the world.

Bryan Cole » Technology Solutions Guy

Bryan brings 20+ years of corporate, and non-profit experience in a variety of disciplines all relating to technology. He believes technology solutions serve people, not the other way around. You will find Bryan consulting non-profit organizations, churches, and small to medium size business, providing unique and cost effective solutions - he can bring a surprising breadth of capability and knowledge to a growing organization.


I live in : San Jose, California with my beautiful wife and our 3 children. I get excited about : Live audio for concert venues, corporate meeting rooms, churches, etc; Apple hardware & software; Flying across the country to work with my clients & friends; and working with the non-profit I have founded called MentorFlight.