Does Your Brand’s “Curb Appeal” Really Matter?


In the Fall of 2008, I was approached by Entiera, Inc. (Denver, CO) to give them a complete “brand-refresh.” They had been in business for a couple of years, honing their suite of technology products which enhance a marketer’s ability to interact with customers (customer dialogue / relationship management). Buzz Rocket Media recreated Entiera’s corporate image, and only three and a half years later, their mission was accomplished when they were acquired by FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation).

Brand Image Skeptics

Over the years, I’ve had conversations with what I’ll call “brand-image-skeptics”. Some of them have confidently told me they believe investing in their brand’s image would be a waste of time & resources that couldn’t possibly provide any sort of noticeable ROI. When encountering that opinion, I’ll usually just sit quietly, smile, and listen. I’ll even let myself be persuaded, and I can sometimes find myself completely sympathetic to what they’re saying.

I mean… Does an organization’s “image” really matter to the people they want to reach? Followers of brands are there because they got excited about the message or product, right? No one really gets excited about a brand’s logo, website, postcards, or facebook cover images, and aren’t those just meaningless symbols that have no influence one way or another?

To discover if this is indeed a valid argument, I will often catch myself daydreaming about how “image” or “the perceived value of something” or “first impressions” work in real world situations.

I’ll ask myself…

    • Would I try to sell a car that hasn’t been vacuumed or detailed in 3 years?
    • Would I go to an important meeting with someone I’ve never met right after mowing the lawn, and without changing clothes, showering, or shaving?
    • Would I feel comfortable eating at a restaurant that had all kinds of trash laying around and even some roaches scurrying under the tables?
    • Would I stick a “for sale” sign in front of my house without first doing some “enhancements” like painting the front door, planting some flowers, and fixing the mailbox in order to gain some more “curb appeal”?

If “image” is important for making a good “first impression” or communicating “perceived value” in those situations above, why wouldn’t “image” be a critically important component for selling the message of my brand?

Back to Entiera

Before coming to Buzz Rocket Media, Entiera had developed a solid product that was offering real value to their customers. And what they were offering was unique from their competitors. They knew they had a winning value proposition to roll out in front of potential clients, however… they shared with us that they believed their brand’s own assets (logo, website, brochures, one-sheets, etc.) weren’t working for them and supporting them in becoming an industry leader, and quite honestly their brand assets might even be working against them.

Entiera, Inc. asked Buzz Rocket Media to take a hard look at the visual aspects of their brand and give them our best input and guidance in order to propel them to the next level. We listened and worked hard with their team to ensure that all of the elements of their brand’s “new home” (logo, website, stationery, etc.) had some extra “curb appeal” that would better position them in attracting a qualified buyer.

In their own words…

jeff wilkins entiera fico"Buzz Rocket Media did an incredible job designing and implementing a new marketing communications strategy for Entiera. Based on extensive interviews, Chad and his team were able to crystalize our new corporate positioning. They then undertook a complete re-design of the corporate website, and also created new business cards and stationery. I have no doubt that this work played an important role in our fast growth and ultimately our acquisition by FICO Corp. in May, 2012."

Jeff Wilkins – Chairman | Entiera | Denver

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  1. RDM 06/21/2013, 6:47 AM Reply

    Good read, good points. Maybe you could do a follow-up article on the 10 most important questions to ask when refreshing your brand.

    • Chad 06/22/2013, 6:45 AM Reply


      Thanks for the feedback! I’m putting that “10 most important questions” idea into my “future blog ideas” to do list. Thanks, again, and great catching up recently. 🙂